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Boost Discipleship

Find support in shepherding your flock.

For pastors looking to help their parishioners strengthen their habits of prayer and discipleship: we’ve got you covered.

Boost Discipleship

The hearts of today’s Catholics are restless. They hunger for intimacy with God! You can begin preparing the hearts of your people for discipleship with these self-guided materials.

 Although not a replacement for Reach More™ , they can serve as catalysts for the Holy Spirit to elicit an encounter with Jesus!


Nextstep guides believers step-by-step into the transformative habits of authentic discipleship. Every “step” in this free online resource prompts a simple action or habit to grow as a disciple.

Help your people grow closer to God one step at a time.


Take the Next Step

1% Challenge™

1% of the day is 14 Minutes and 24 Seconds (we round up to 15 minutes). That’s 90 hours a year!

Challenge those in your care to pledge 1% of their day to praying with Scripture. Our resources provide the guidance they need to spend their 15 minutes fruitfully by using the saint-recommended way of reading Scripture: lectio divina. 

What can 15 minutes a day do for your community?


Challenge Your Parish

Small Group Discussion Guides

Browse our selection of books meant to serve as catalysts for the Holy Spirit to elicit meaningful Christ-filled discussions among your flock. Imagine the fruit these could bear in the hands of your well-formed and trained lay people guided by the Holy Spirit!


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Keep in Touch!

Deepen your parish’s culture of discipleship.

Let’s talk about how we can help you raise up more disciples!