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Donate: Reach More Supporters

Reach More Supporters. Making More Disciples.

You’ve experienced firsthand the power that comes from being equipped for mission. Help make this mission a reality for others across the country.

Become a member of our monthly giving circle today!

We want more Catholics like you to experience the beauty of discipleship and be equipped for their call to holiness. At the Evangelical Catholic, we have a dream to train 100,000 Catholics over ten years in joyfully sharing the gospel through their personal apostolates. Imagine: you and your fellow parishioners witnessing the love of Jesus and making more disciples. It’s possible!

As a Reach More Supporter, you are a vital leader in this mission. Your financial support means that more parishes across the country will be able to launch mission training groups. It means the development of more, better content to support you in your apostolate. Most importantly, it means that more and more people will encounter the transformative love of Jesus through people like you.

As a Reach More Supporter, you will receive content from the Evangelical Catholic every First Friday of the month. We will share stories of mission-minded people like you living out their discipleship in the world. We will provide spiritual reflections to help draw you deeper into love and understanding of Jesus. We will also share how your monthly giving is impacting our our partners and their communities across the country.

The Evangelical Catholic, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity.  Donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID# 39-1947596