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Pray for our Partners

Support our Campus Partners

“First of all, then, I ask that supplications, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone….” – 1 Timothy 2:1 (NABRE)

This summer, we asked our supporters to join in offering prayers and spiritual works for you, our campus ministry partners.

The outpouring of prayers, spiritual offerings, and encouraging messages that came in for you, your students, and your campus has been a beautiful thing to witness. We wanted to share some of the wonderful spiritual fruit that came for you from your supporters all across the country.

Words of Encouragement

I am so happy that you are making it your mission to bring young people to Jesus. So important!

Karen B.

Franklin, WI

You are meeting young adults at such a crucial point in their formation you your words and deeds will have lasting impact. Don’t lose heart in your walks with individuals and particularly those with which you struggle. You may not see the fruit now, but the seeds you are planting are bringing about growth and are being prepared for God’s growth, wherever He is able to work. We are so grateful for you and the work you do, particularly that which feels unseen and thankless.

Matt and Caitlin R.

Fitchburg, WI

Thank you for stepping forward and answering the call. The church of today and tomorrow is lay leadership with an emphasis on Baptismal call.

Jim G.

Lynchburg, VA

May the power of the Paraclete fill you, draw you deeply into the heart of Jesus and the loving presence of the father, may Mary cover you with her mantle and hold you in her Immaculate heart! May Joy, peace and hope flow from you to those you meet, sustain you in these challenging times and make you powerful witnesses and instruments for the kingdom! With love hope and prayers, your sister,

Michaela P.

Taunton, Somerset, UK

Continue with your campus ministries for conversion of our youth on morality, spirituality, and chastity. For the spiritual growth and to keep the values of family.

Myrna Z.

Oak Brook, IL

Interview with Eleazar Palma, Dean of Student and point person at John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, CA.

  • How long have you been partnered with the Evangelical Catholic?
    • JP Catholic has been partnered with the Evangelical Catholic now for about 6 months.
  • Do you have context of your ministry at JP Catholic before partnering with the EC? If so, What was the ministry’s landscape like before you decided to partner with us?
    • Our ministry was thankfully on an upswing around the time we partnered with the Evangelical Catholic. We brought on a new ministry team at the beginning of the 2021 school year, and we were working on making great strides with serving our student body.
  • How has the environment changed since partnering with us? What obvious differences are there in the landscape of your ministry and/or the lives of your students?
    • Since partnering with EC I think the specific group of students that went through the program have a deeper understanding of faith and evangelization than the other ministry group leaders we have on campus. I think one obvious change we have undergone is for the students overcoming the fear of simply inviting their peers to draw closer to Christ.
  • What kind of exciting things are students doing for their personal apostolates?
    • One of our students that went through the program as his apostolate began a small group for men on campus who struggle with Chastity in its various forms. It was awesome to see his initiative to start this group. It was very receptive as well. I think that is when we all noticed that this was a huge need on our campus and probably on 99 percent of campuses in the US. The first meeting had 7 men and by week three there were 15. I think it has created a great environment for these young men to come together and grow stronger together instead of being isolated and by themselves in their struggle.
  • How does the EC help your students in understanding/embracing their call to discipleship?
    • I think the students who went through the training deepened their understanding and their embrace for discipleship. I think the training provided very specific topics concerning discipleship and was very strong. It was very receptive overall and I think it definitely had a positive impact on the students. The format itself was also very inviting and comfortable for the students to learn a grow in their faith.
  • What notable changes have occurred in your ministry since implementing mission training in your ministry?
    • I think the largest notable change we have noticed since implementing mission training is the fact that our leaders have more confidence. They can speak with their peers more comfortably about the faith now. Before it seemed like a barrier but now I think they really feel that they have the tools they need to start apostolates and lead small groups.