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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions people have for us. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Evangelical Catholic

Learn more about who we are as an organization.

What does The Evangelical Catholic do?

The Evangelical Catholic is a Roman Catholic nonprofit organization that equips Catholics to live out the Great Commission. Lay Catholics have a secular vocation, meaning that their unique mission is fulfilled in the world. The Church calls this mission work “apostolate.” Each individual has a unique mission that only they can fulfill, as well as a unique circle of influence they can reach that no one else can. This is their personal apostolate. The Evangelical Catholic aims to increase the number of lay apostolates in the world, which we primarily do through Reach More™, a system modeled after Jesus’ evangelization strategy. Our expert ministry consultants coach Catholic ministries to implement Reach More in their parish to multiply personal apostolates among their parishioners.

Are you Roman Catholic?

Yes!  The term “evangelical” comes from the Greek word “euangelion”, meaning “the good news” or the “gospel.”  In the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther used the term to describe his breakaway movement from the Roman Catholic Church.  In the late 18th Century revivals in England and America, under the preaching of protestants such as George Whitefiled and Jonathan Edwards,the term was used in ecclesial settings leading to what today we would describe as protestant or “non-denominational” evangelical churches. However, the term has a rich Catholic history prior to the Protestant Reformation, especially among the early Church Fathers. The EC sees the term as fundamental to the New Evangelization.  We are “evangelical” in promoting a personal faith in Christ as savior and Lord, and in His Church as the instrument of salvation in the world.  We are faithful to the Catholic Church and her magisterium and have an Episcopal Advisory Board that supports our work in prayer, through their dioceses, pastoral connection, transparency, and celebration. 

What else do you offer besides Reach More™?

Besides Reach More, the EC provides a variety of resources that are “usable, practical, and transformative” as our local ordinary Bishop Donald Hying says in this short video where he gives his endorsement of the EC.  These resources include:

  • The Evangelical Catholic APP. Get everything you need to discern your personal apostolate and the tools to live it out with the Evangelical Catholic app. Created out of the EC’s experience of forming regular Catholics to share the good news of Jesus, this app helps you discover God’s invitation to mission and provides practical tools for living as a missionary disciple.  Available in the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store
  • Small Group Resources The EC offers several small group books and resources in both English and Spanish. Links for these books may be found on our online store. For more information on ordering these books, or to inquire about bulk discounts, please email books@evangelicalcatholic.org.  
  • The 10:10 Challenge. “The 10:10 Challenge: Ten Weeks, Ten Ways to a Jesus-Led life.” Inspired by John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”, the 10:10 Challenge is a guide Catholics can use to accompany friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family deeper into discipleship. It covers tenways of letting Jesus take the lead in our life. Digging into these core practices of the Christian life through discussion with one or a few others, daily guided prayer sessions, and weekly action prompts will jumpstart a person into a robust and well-rounded life of Catholic discipleship.The EC also provides supportive content for those participating in the 10:10 Challenge which can be accessed at 1010Challenge.org
  • The Reach More Podcast.  Available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Each episode explores real-life stories of apostolic mission in the world to inspire a flourishing of creative, evangelical efforts in the Church. 
  • Formed. We have two series available on Formed: Foundations for Evangelization and an overview of the Reach More Training. 
  • NextStep™. This multimedia discipleship guide is a free resource that provides opportunities for individuals, groups, and families to explore topics of deepening practices of discipleship.   Sign up for free to use NextStep on your own or with a group. 
  • The 1% Challenge™. 1% of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds, how you spend that time can change your life. This challenge can be used to challenge parishioners, as well as individuals on their own or with groups, to pray with scripture for 15 minutes a day, growing deeper in a relationship with Jesus.  Cards are available in both English and Spanish for a general challenge that can be used any time, or specifically for Advent or Lent.
  • Toward An Apostolic Church Mini-Course. This three-week (one hour a week) “mini-course” helps participants understand the apostolic potential of a parish, develop an imagination for lay agency, and showcases models of lay apostolates. 
  • Priests for An Apostolic Age. – Our second national conference for mission-minded clergy will happen January 21-24, 2025 at the Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio TX.  You and hundreds of priests throughout the country will hear from expert presenters, connect with brother priests who share your apostolic convictions, and have time for beautiful liturgies and prayer. We are excited to be partnering with the Catholic Leadership Institute, and the conference will be featuring Daniel Cellucci as one of our keynote speakers. Conference registration and hotel reservations will be available in April 2024. See the highlight reel from last year’s conference. We can’t wait to see you in 2025!

How are you different from FOCUS? Amazing Parish? Divine Renovation?

The mission of the Evangelical Catholic is to equip ordinary lay people with the skills to live out their vocation. Rather than sending missionaries to a parish or campus, we coach you to train your parishioners to be missionary disciples. Rather than forming only the pastor and parish staff (like Amazing Parish and Divine Renovation) for effective apostolic leadership, we work in a complementary way to make missionary disciples out of every individual in the pews. We love working alongside these groups on campuses and in parishes. We share their convictions about evangelization but have different charisms to ignite the evangelical potential of Catholics.

Do you work in my area?

We work with over 200 parishes, campuses, and communities across the world! It is likely that there is one in your area. Contact us and we can let you know.

Do you work with Catholic organizations, or just campus ministries and parishes?

We work with any organization that wants to form and train more lay people for personal apostolates in the world or in their organization. We currently partner with a large missionary organization to help train their missionaries for personal apostolates on their missionary assignment. We also work with a large evangelization media organization to form and train their staff members with a thicker imagination for evangelization in their day to day responsibilities. We have also worked with St. Vincent de Paul conferences to equip their volunteers for deeper relational connections and evangelical opportunities on their home visits.

How do I get involved?

Set up a meeting with one of our staff members to see how the Evangelical Catholic can transform your parish.

Who can I contact with questions about billing or donations?


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Reach More

Learn more about the mission training process and partnering with us.

What is Reach More coaching like and why do I need coaching?

There are plenty of resources and programs available for priests. What’s needed is support and accompaniment. Reach More does and offers expert experience and advice from our 25+ years of coaching hundreds of Catholic parishes and campus ministries.

Reach More combines proven online learning and customized coaching to navigate the needs and challenges of evangelization particular to your community.

Our experienced consultants personally help you to identify those who can build and shepherd a growing movement of evangelization in your community.

We coach these people to facilitate encounters with Jesus and lead lay people into mature discipleship. They receive the tools and best practices to then accompany people into their own apostolate of evangelization in the world.

The result? Spiritual multiplication and a culture of evangelization and discipleship!

What tangible fruits should we expect?

After one year of Reach More, parishes can expect to have two to three mission training groups of 8-12 people launched into personal apostolate. Personal apostolates often take the form of leading small groups, but are also manifested through accompaniment, such as investing in family, or intentionally evangelizing friends and coworkers. See our YouTube playlist for examples of personal apostolate stories. Our “In The Midst of the World” quarterly newsletter highlights various types of personal apostolates to further inspire people that your ministry trains. 

Beyond this, Reach More initiates a culture of evangelization in parishes and campuses. Equipped with the tools they need to live on mission, lay people are inflamed with the desire to go out into the world sharing the good news. As they begin accompanying others and leading their own small groups, they will inspire others to cultivate that same desire. A culture of discipleship and evangelization will begin to spread throughout the entire parish. 

What are the elements for this to be successful?

First and foremost, Reach More requires an investment of the pastor and point person’s time with parishioners, leading them through formation and the initial stages of growth of their personal apostolates. Because of this, developing a capacity to invest time in parishioners is a key element of the early months of our coaching. Even if the parish does not have staff time to devote, the EC can help you build this capacity both with staff and volunteers. Openness is further necessary to allow a new paradigm and a culture of evangelization to transform the parish.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of service levels that run between $2400 – $25,000 per year.  We never want cost to be a factor in helping a parish launch and train their laity.

Is there a way to “test drive” this process?

Yes.  We offer three sample packages, one for Parishioners who might participate in Reach More training, one for Point People, and one for Pastors. 

How much time do we need to invest as a ministry?

Pastor / Pastoral Staff: Initially, in the first month, the EC Consultant will need several meetings with staff to learn about the parish, its vision, and to help discern point people.  Once your point person team is in place, the majority of time will be spent coaching them to launch Reach More in the parish. 

Point People: Collectively, your point person team needs 15+ hours per week to devote to Reach More.The bulk of this time is dedicated to individual accompaniment of trainees into deep discipleship. Through this accompaniment, people grow in daily prayer, the pursuit of holiness, and the ability to someday accompany people in their lives. This is crucial to launching a movement of evangelization rather than just another program that fades away.

Training Group participants: An hour and a half each week during the training group session, 15 minutes of daily prayer, and one hour accompaniment meetings with point people, every other week, during the training group.

Do you offer Reach More mission training in Spanish?

Yes, we currently work with many Spanish parishes. We have a bilingual ministry consultant who is able to offer consulting calls in Spanish. Reach More mission training is also available in Spanish. We do, however, still require that the point person be bilingual and have the capability to read and understand English as our point person training courses are not yet completely translated.   Many of our small group resources are also available in Spanish. Parishes that have gone through Reach More training have seen greater unification between previously separate groups, including English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities. Reach More challenges individuals to form deeper connections with individuals in their parish, and multicultural parishes are in a unique position to see the fruits of this work.

What kind of ministries are not a good fit for you? Where have you failed?

There are two main reasons why Reach More fails at a parish. The first is that the pastor is not supportive or invested in the process. If a deacon or lay staff member or parishioner is passionate about launching Reach More but does not have the support of the pastor it is usually not productive. The second main reason is that the point person is not a good fit. That is why one of the first things consultants will do with a pastor and his lay staff is help them discern who will be on their point person team.