“The Reach More mission training is already making a concrete difference in their lives and in their communities. They’re thinking intentionally about how they can connect themselves and others deeper into Christ’s love.”
Jeff relayed a story of how one particular lay leader chose to be a light to her coworkers. This leader holds a high position of leadership at work, and decided to intentionally slow down during the day and be more present to those in the office she oversees. She made it a practice to visit people around the office to stop and ask about their days and lives. One woman opened up to her, sharing about some personal challenges she was facing. This lay leader listened intently and the two of them shared a fruitful conversation.
A few days later, she found a gift on her desk from the woman who opened up to her. When the lay leader asked her coworker about it, the coworker explained, “Last weekend at church my pastor challenged us to keep our eyes out for how Jesus comes to us through others, and to thank the person when it happens. This week, you were Jesus to me, and I wanted to thank you for letting him work through you.”
Jeff and his lay leader were blown away by how Jesus can work, especially in a secular office environment. They were encouraged that a small intentional act could result in monumental spiritual fruit: “Praise the Lord for the little but meaningful ways he calls us to share his compassionate attentiveness to people!”