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Become a Leader

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt. 28:19)

We can help you and your community bear fruit living out the great commission!

Lead the Movement

Imagine a growing number of people each year in your community being formed, trained, and sent as vibrant witnesses and disciple makers. Imagine an expanding missionary community, with you to guide them, accompany them, and unite them in prayer and mission. Think of all the people outside of the pews that these witnesses would reach with the life-changing love of Jesus!

It is possible! It’s possible for you and others to joyfully band together as missionaries to the world and launch a movement of evangelization.

Jesus’ Mission Process

How did Jesus do it?

While he preached to the crowds, healed many, and died and rose for sake of the whole world, Jesus also had a big enough vision to think small. He chose to invest himself most intentionally in a core group of disciples, whom he sent out to seek the lost sheep and make disciples.

The EC walks with your parish to find, equip, and support these disciples in your own community by following Jesus’ mission process!

Reach More™

We help parishes implement Jesus’ method with our own relational ministry process: Reach More. We do this by training a point person to lead the process on the ground in a community. 

There is an abundance of material out there to help Catholics grow in faith. What’s needed is a process for mission and personalized support in living out this process. Reach More does this. 

Reach More delivers a proven, sequential mission process and materials along with customized coaching to navigate the needs and challenges of evangelization particular to your community.

Customized Coaching

Our experienced consultants come alongside the point person, becoming brothers and sisters in the trenches as they raise up witnesses and disciple makers. (Could that point person be you?)

Point people are trained in facilitating encounters with Jesus and leading people into mature discipleship. As a point person, you receive the tools to then accompany people into their own apostolate of evangelization in the world.

The result? Spiritual multiplication and a culture of evangelization and discipleship!

Reach More™

Ready to get started?

Let’s begin together to ignite a new culture in your community!