We love the way the Duke Catholic Center is live streaming their Sunday Masses. They are well done with high-quality videos and multiple angles to hold the audience’s attention.

Even better, they link their Sunday worship aid, an Act of Spiritual Communion, and then (the really innovative piece) an Offertory option in the description under the video. They invite people to give through both Venmo and their website.

We think every Catholic parish and campus ministry should produce a YouTube channel like Duke’s to simulcast their Masses and invite a sacrificial financial response to accompany their worship. This is such a tangible way to unite with the separated Body of Christ during this time. We continue to unite our finances, offered to the Lord in worship, for the building up of the Body.

We think this is a great model to emulate and hope that you can dedicate some staff time to creating a page like this. It will help your people engage more deeply in discipleship and will also help your budgets through this difficult time.